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Lynton Lasers endorsed by NHS
Number of Treatments 1 3 Works out at 40% discount:
Lip or Chin £90 £162 £54
Lip & Chin £120 £216 £72
Full Face £160 £288 £96
Standard Bikini £90 £162 £54
Underarms £95 £171 £57
Full Chest or Back £250 £450 £150
Lower legs £250 £450 £150
Full Hollywood £180 £324 £108
Brazilian Bikini £163 £294 £98
Full Legs £320 £576 £192
Nose or Cheeks £90    
Nose & Cheeks £110    
Legs from £65    
Prices start from
Effectively removes or fades age spots or solar lentigo caused by sun damage



Effectively dries out active spots & calms distressed red skin
LASER REJUVENATION - tone (colour) £115    
Working over the whole face to fade brown age sports, diminish thread veins and plump skin naturally
LASER - REJUVENATION - texture £115    
Working over the whole area to resurface skin imperfections, call for consultation
Great all-rounder to calm reddened skin tones
Q Switch Laser

Safe removal or fading of unwanted tattoos


dermalogica ion active


We have a collective of 13 years’ experience in the laser industry.
We are fully insured and are compliant.

Aesthetic Facial Procedures

SkinBase Microdermabrasion with hydrating mask 30 mins
“A mechanical resurfacing treatment to brighten skin and minimise fine lines,
acne scarring and pigmentation”

SkinBase Microdermabrasion with lactic acid exfoliation,
extraction & hydrating mask 45 mins

“An even deeper mechanical resurfacing treatment to brighten, decongest & minimise fine
lines, acne scarring and pigmentation”

Dermaroller Collagen Induction - up to 45 mins, discount on 3 treatments
Needling to ‘Fight’ Stretch Marks, Acne Scarring & Cellulite with penetrating advanced collagen fusion to resurface skin.

Ultra-Visage Non-Surgical Face Lift 75 mins
A facial muscle workout and collagen boost using electrical current to firm, cleanse and hydrate, ideal for sagging skin. A course of treatments strongly advised for best results

Eye-bag & Brow Lift 30 mins, discounts on 3 treatments
Stimulate fluid retention and drainage followed by eyebrow lifting using micro-current

Laser Skin Tone Rejuvenation treatment
“Working over the whole face to fade brown age spots, diminish
thread veins and plump skin naturally”

Laser Skin Texture Rejuvenation treatment
“Working over the whole area to resurface skin imperfections, call for consultation”

Active Acne treatment
“Effectively dries out active spots and calms distressed red skin”

Laser Thread Vein removal
Effectively removes spider naevi & cherry angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots

Laser Pigmentation removal
Effectively removes or brightens age spots or solar lentigo caused by sun damage

Anti-Wrinkle Toxin Injections
1 x area,2 x area, 3 x areas
3 x areas + bunny lines or brow lift

Microneedling - BT-Titan (Collagen Induction) - Course of 3 treatments, 1 hr,
Targeting scarring, fine lines, loss of firmness, pigmentation.
Controlled trauma of the skin to kick start it's natural healing process. Three treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

Brow Lift, Gummy Smile, Down Turned Mouth Corners, Pebbled Chin

Neck Lift
Jawline Slimming
Migraine Treatment
Excessive Sweating
Teeth Grinding
Lip Fillers - Shape & Contour, Soft Effect & Rejuvenation, Big Kiss Lips
Cheek Enhancment
Tear Trough (dark circles under eyes)
Nose Filler (Liquid Rhinoplasty)
Dermal Filler for deeper lines from
Hand Filler

Cryopen from
Removal of skin tags, pigmentation, milia, warts, cherry angiomas & verrucae using liquid nitrogen.


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